Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Days of Classes

Its been a couple of days now and to say that classes here are interesting is an understatement. I've had a class with Prashant and another with Gita. Prashant is the Philosopher and Gita the technician. There are about 80 or more in each class, with a whole lot of scurrying around. People take your mats, props and your blankets as soon as you turn around. We are just trying to lay low and not get yelled at for making an obvious (to them) blunder. We do see Guriji at least once a day - its hard to know what to you say or even how to say it - most of the students do bow and kiss his feet each time. I just stand there kinda dumbfounded and star struck. I'm sure that my words will come. WE do have some time each day to take a few hours at the pool. The food is good and I even had some pasta at the restaurant downstairs. Driving here is scary!!! Its amazing if people make it to their 18th birthday with out some kind of crash.... .at least it all happens in slow motion and they don't really drive fast, just on the wrong side of the road very close to the person in front of them honking madly. We wear masks to ride around because the smog is very bad. I'm sure soon we will make it out to a temple or two - right now we are happy to just be in class.

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