Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday January 20th

One Fine Sunday in India

Mahabaleshwar sits approx. 4500 ft above sea level. We took a Sunday and drove about 3 hours to check it out!!! There is a series of lookouts and we did have some amazing vista's. Lots of people out and driving around.

Another Vista!!! Its much cooler up here and the air is much cleaner. Monkeys hang around and eat the carrots that you can purchase from the vegetable man.

Kates Point, Mahabaleshwar India

Beautiful Carrots individually bundled for sale to feed the monkeys.

This region is also famous for Strawberries, people drive in from the surrounding areas to take them back home or make jams and candies.

Krishna Temple, supposedly built on the legendary site of the Panchganga, or source of five rivers, flowing from this spot all the way to the Bay of Bengal about 850 miles away.

The locals come here on Sundays and bring the waters home, or use them for blessings.

Mahatma Ghandi and his wife. This museum is where him and his wife along with his secretary were imprisoned. His wife and his secretary died during their imprisonment.

Here lies the ashes of Mahatma Ghandi

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