Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 16th Scenes from Around Pune

Hello All,
I know its been a while since I have updates this blog - but We have been working hard over here.
Below are Guriji's sandals. He leaves them on the steps to the Yoga studio, its a nice way to know if he is practicing. He usually does daily at around 9 or so.

These are some street scenes in front of of the Institute. The fruit seller is always around after class, its amazing how beautiful the vegetables, and fruit are. The hard part is finding it in the local restaurants? We just can't figure out where it goes, or for that matter how the disguise it!!!

Chatushringi Temple, 108 steps to the top. The local people come here to make offerings, and we also witnessed a blessing of a brand new car.

Flowers for Offering

Steps up to the Temple
Children at the Temple eating their lunch and waiting to have their picture taken. The children love it and then can't wait to see the images in the camera. Very exciting!!!

These four girls in particular wanted us to spend the entire afternoon taking their picture.

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